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Recognizing outstanding achievement in the international music industry, from all types of performing artists, independent artists, musicians, singers, producers, band, labels and more.

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LIT Talent Awards


FM22001. Best Album
FM22002. Best Audio Director
FM22003. Best Audio Editor
FM22004. Best Audio Technician
FM22005. Best Ballad
FM22006. Best Band
FM22007. Best Boom Operator
FM22008. Best Broadcast Engineer
FM22009. Best Collaboration
FM22010. Best Composer
FM22011. Best Concept
FM22012. Best Concert
FM22013. Best Concert Technician
FM22014. Best Costume
FM22015. Best Duo
FM22016. Best EP
FM22017. Best Female Artist
FM22018. Best Female Group
FM22019. Best Female Singer
FM22020. Best Female Vocalist
FM22021. Best Influencer Artist
FM22022. Best Instrument Tech
FM22023. Best Label Record
FM22024. Best Live
FM22025. Best Live Sound Engineer
FM22026. Best Make Vocalist
FM22027. Best Male Artist
FM22028. Best Male Group
FM22029. Best Male Singer
FM22030. Best Male Vocalist
FM22031. Best Mastering Engineer
FM22032. Best Melody
FM22033. Best Mixed Group
FM22034. Best Music Arranger
FM22035. Best Music Editor
FM22036. Best Music Manager
FM22037. Best Music Producer
FM22038. Best Music Production Company
FM22039. Best Music Video
FM22040. Best Musicians
FM22041. Best New Artist
FM22042. Best New Band
FM22043. Best New Group
FM22044. Best Original Composition
FM22045. Best Originality
FM22046. Best Performance
FM22047. Best Playlist
FM22048. Best Rap Performance
FM22049. Best Record Producer
FM22050. Best Recording Engineer
FM22051. Best Remixer
FM22052. Best Rhythmic Interpretation
FM22053. Best Singer & Songwriter
FM22054. Best Song
FM22055. Best Sound Designer
FM22056. Best Sound Editor
FM22057. Best Sound Mixer
FM22058. Best Sound/Audio Perception
FM22059. Best Stage
FM22060. Best Use of Production Music
FM22061. Best Visual Perception
LM22001. Best A Cappella Music
LM22002. Best Absolute Music
LM22003. Best Acoustic
LM22004. Best Adult Contemporary
LM22005. Best Alt. Rock Music
LM22006. Best Alternative Country Music
LM22007. Best Ambient Music
LM22008. Best Americana Music
LM22009. Best Ballads Music
LM22010. Best Beat Box
LM22011. Best Bluegrass
LM22012. Best Blues Music
LM22013. Best Bossa Nova Music
LM22014. Best Britpop Music
LM22015. Best Children's Music
LM22016. Best Choir
LM22017. Best Christian Music
LM22018. Best Christmas Music
LM22019. Best Classical Music
LM22020. Best Collaboration Music
LM22021. Best Comedy Music
LM22022. Best Contemporary Christian / Gospel Music
LM22023. Best Country Music
LM22024. Best Cover Song
LM22025. Best Dance & Electronica Music
LM22026. Best Disc Jockey (DJ)
LM22027. Best Dub Music
LM22028. Best EDM (Electronic Dance Music)
LM22029. Best Electronic Music
LM22030. Best Folk Music
LM22031. Best Funk Music
LM22032. Best Fusion Music
LM22033. Best Hip-hop Music
LM22034. Best Holiday Song (Any Holiday)
LM22035. Best House Music
LM22036. Best Indie Music
LM22037. Best Inspirational Music
LM22038. Best Instrumental Music
LM22039. Best Jam Music
LM22040. Best Jazz Music
LM22041. Best Jungle Music
LM22042. Best Latin Music
LM22043. Best Love Song
LM22044. Best Lyric Writing Music
LM22045. Best Metal & Hardcore Music
LM22046. Best New Age Music
LM22047. Best Novelty Music
LM22048. Best Opera
LM22049. Best Orchestra
LM22050. Best Pop Music
LM22051. Best Post Rock Music
LM22052. Best Progressive Rock Music
LM22053. Best Rap & Hip-Hop Music
LM22054. Best Reggae/Ska/Dancehall
LM22055. Best Rhythm & Blues (R&B)
LM22056. Best Rock / Alt Music
LM22057. Best Rock / Hard Rock Music
LM22058. Best Rock Music
LM22059. Best Social Action Music
LM22060. Best Social Impact Song
LM22061. Best Soft Rock Song
LM22062. Best Soul Song
LM22063. Best Spoken Word Music
LM22064. Best Story Song
LM22065. Best Teen Music
LM22066. Best Theatre Music
LM22067. Best Traditional Music
LM22068. Best Trip-Hop Music
LM22069. Best Urban Music
LM22070. Best World Beat
LM22071. Best World Classical Music
LM22072. Best World Music
LM22073. Best World Traditional Music
LM22000. Customize your categories:

Deadlines & Fees

The LIT Talent Awards keeps its entry fees low to encourage more participation from individual performers and talents.

2022 Entry Period Early Bird
(MAY 11 - JUN 22, 2022)
(JUN 23 - JUL 20, 2022)
(JUL 21 - AUG 24, 2022)
(AUG 25 - SEP 21, 2022)
Per Entry
$60 $70 $80 $90
Additional Category
$45 $55 $65 $75
Per Entry
(Solo/Duo/Group) - Series
$80 $90 $100 $110
Additional Category
(Solo/Duo/Group) - Series
$55 $65 $75 $85
Bundle Entries Package: $200 for 5 Credits (Save Up-to $30!)
One (1) Category = One (1) Credit
Judging: Sept 23 - Nov 8, 2022
Winners Announcement: Nov 9, 2022

*Fees are non-refundable. Withdrawn entries (whether withdrawn by entrant or by the LIT Talent Awards for the entrant's failure to comply with the entry rules) will NOT be refunded. Multiple categories must be submitted with your initial entry in order to be counted as “additional categories”.

*The LIT Talent Awards and International Awards Associate’s decision are final in its sole discretion and binding in relation to all matters relating to Competitions and may not be subject to any discussions or correspondence.

2022 Benefits and recognition

The LIT Music Winner of the Year will receive a complimentary statuette and a professionally designed certificate to celebrate their win. The winning talents will be highlighted on the main page of the LIT Talent Awards website, and published on our official social media platform.

In addition, Platinum and Gold winners will receive a complimentary certificate, template press release, as well as graphic downloads for marketing purposes. Winners in these categories may choose to purchase their respective LIT Talents Awards statuette with a reasonable fee.


The Category Winner of the Year from each category will receive a complimentary statuette and a professionally designed certificate to celebrate their win.


All Category Winners of the Year and Platinum and Gold Winners will get chance to showcase your winning work with a published interview on our media partner's – Muse.World’s website.


Every winner gets a dedicated Winner’s Page for up-to 5 years to promote your achievement on our correspondence, social media, websites, and more.
2022 Benefits / Winning Level LIT Of the year Categories Winners Platinum winner Gold winner
Cash Prizes(NEW) $2,000 $100
LIT Talent Awards Statuette
Appearance on Winner’s Highlight Page
Mentioned in Winner Press Release
Mentioned in e-Newsletter
Mentioned in Media Partner Website: Muse.World
Dedicated Social Post
Winner’s Interview
Winner’s Page
Eligible to Purchase Statuette
Winner Certificate
Winner’s Digital Badge
Press Release Template

*Note: Cash prizes are not cumulative. Only one cash prize can be awarded to each winner with the highest available prize applied.

For example, if a winner is awarded both LIT of the Year and Category Winner of the Year, they will only receive the $2,000 cash prize from the LIT of the Year and not $100 from winning the latter. First placed Category Winners can only receive one $100 cash prize, even if they win the title in multiple programs.

If you submitted your entries through an award agent and won either LIT of the Year or Category Winner of the Year, IAA will proceed to issue the cash prize to the closest representative of the winning entry, the award agent, to collect it on your behalf. Please liaise with your award agent on the matter of cash prizes. Cash prizes will be issued either to the winners or award agent within a month after the announcement of results.

The LIT Talent Awards and International Awards Associate’s decision are final in its sole discretion and binding in relation to all matters relating to Competitions and may not be subject to any discussions or correspondence.

submission format

You can submit your entries by uploading your video link from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Vimeo, or any other online mediums, that will take judges directly to the work.

If there are any supporting images/PDFs/documents, it should be saved under 4MB.

*It is recommended that you keep your synopsis to approximately 350 words. The project description should strengthen your entry, as well as provide the jury with a better understanding of your submission. A written translation or adaptation must accompany non-English entries.